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  • Portable and mini-split air conditioners are amongst the most popular types of air conditioners on the market today. However, both types come with their limitations. Portable air conditioners, although being easy to install, are noisy, spend loads of electricity and take up a lot of space where it is installed. Mini-split air conditioners on the other hand, although being the quietest and most efficient alternative to air conditioning, are expensive to purchase, require expert installation by a specialized contractor, and cannot be moved once installed.

    What if there was an air conditioner out there that could take the advantages of both the portable and mini-split air conditioner, without the inconveniences? With the MINI series, this unit now exists.

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    Reengineering the Portable Air Conditioner

    The MINI is the first ever two-piece portable air conditioner to hit the market.

    This means that the MINI is made of one indoor unit and one outdoor unit where both are connected by a cable. Why is this mini-split-like design so revolutionary?
    First of all, it allows the MINI to be the most energy-efficient portable air conditioner on the market. The reason for this is that all one-piece portable air conditioners rely on an air exhaust on the back of the unit to dispose of the heat created during the air conditioning process. That exhaust pipe, although leading most of the hot air outside through your window, still evaporates some heat inside your room. So while the front part of the air conditioner is cooling your room at a high rate, the back part of your unit is countering it with some heat, making your portable air conditioner in average 25% less efficient than the MINI.
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    Second of all, the two-piece design makes the MINI considerably quieter than any other portable unit. This is simply due to the fact that your condensing unit, which is the loudest component of any air conditioner, is now located outside your house. This allows the MINI to reach an indoor sound level of only 42 dB, which is comparable to a whisper, allowing you the option of installing this unit in your bedroom.

    Finally, with the indoor unit being 16’’x16’’x8.2’’ (HxWxD), the MINI is a lot less cumbersome than any other portable air conditioner. Moreover, you can install your indoor unit any way you want, from hanging it on the wall, to letting it lay on a table, or even on the floor, you can decide how the MINI will cool down your home.

    The MINI follows you everywhere

    What differentiates the MINI from a mini-split unit is its versatility and portability. The MINI works on 115 volts, meaning you can plug it in any standard wall plug for it to work. If you want to move your air conditioner to a new location, remove the window kit, and re-install the MINI where you need it.

    You can also install the MINI in many different types of rooms. Whether it is for your house or for your apartment, for your living room, your bedroom or your kitchen, the MINI is always a great option.The MINI can also be used for spaces outside your house such as gazebos, solariums, and many more.

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