Versati II

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What is Versati II?
Versati II, is a DC inverter multifunctional air to water heat pump adopting advanced heat pump technology. It absorbs natual heat from the ambient air and then uses it for room heating. It not only satisfies room heating requirements, but also supplies domestic hot water. The Versati II can also provide you with air conditioning during hot summers. 

It is an all-in-one choice for you to enjoy comfortable temperatures all year round!

Outdoor Unit
- Versati II adopts the DC Inverter technology, the most efficient refrigerant (R410A) and possess an perfect class COP performance (up to 4.5)
outdoor unit
Indoor Hydro Unit 
The indoor hydro-box transfers the heat in the refrigerant to the water circulated in the central heating radiators, under-floor heating system and sanitary hot water tank. If you opt for the combination of heating and cooling, then the indoor unit can also decrease the water temperature to distribute a refreshing coolness.

- Flexible and Compact Design

- Inteligent Temperature Control
The advanced control of the system is integrated in the indoor hydro unit. The timer can be programmed per hour or per day, therefore the temperature is reduced automatically at night or during your holiday, but it will be pleasantly warm when you get up or return home.

range of temperature

Combinaison de la Versati II 

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